About Me

Hi! I’m Nicole. Some people call me Nicki and an ever-growing munckin army calls me Mom.

Shall we start with some adjectives? I’m a twin mom (times three so far), homeschool mom, and fit mom. I spend my days herding six kids four and under from meals to “field trips” to naps to more food and back to bed. Every day is a mix of monotony and novelty. Oh, today we don’t like grilled cheese. Great, that’s lunch!

I transitioned from full-time scientific research and public relations to stay-at-home mom of many over about three years. It. Was. Hard. Even taking three years to do it slowly it was hard. Some days I still miss going to work and being able to go to the bathroom alone whenever I want and talking to people over four feet tall.

Still, here I am a year and a half later, home with my kids and getting better at it little by little. I try to treat motherhood and homeschooling as my new profession, complete with professional (and personal) development.

If you’re an overwhelmed mom of one or many, or you’re just interested in my story, stick around! I’ll have lots of stories and tips for surviving your day-to-day. You can even join my mailing list for regular updates.

See you soon!